"Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced."  — James Baldwin


Gwendolyn Velez,
Executive Director

About Gwendolyn Velez

Ms. Velez has served as the Executive Director of the African American AIDS Task Force since October of 2000.  She has been instrumental in expanding AAATF programs and services to best meet the needs of a diversely cultural base seeking services at AAATF.  Throughout her tenure she has forming unique and innovative community networks and partnerships to increase access to available resources for AAATF clients and community members.


Board & Committee Members

Roderic Southall, Chair – Planner & Training Specialist
Metropolitan Council

Paul Herzberg, Vice Chair – Regional Business Accounts Specialist

Julia Wiseman
Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board – Finance Director

Lamont "Gill" Gilliam - Secretary
United States Military, Retired - Psychologist


AAATF is currently in the process of recruiting board members with backgrounds and experiences in the areas of: assisted living, real estate, medical billing, social work, and mental health. 

Interested parties please contact Gwendolyn Velez, Executive Director at: 612.825.2052


Photo Credits: Pixabay