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All services are provided in an environment that is confidential, welcoming, non-judgmental, culturally relevant and designed to meet the unique needs of our clients and community. Our strengths lie in the innovation of our service delivery, and the provision of seamless wrap around services that work to create a continuum of care for people served at the African American AIDS Task Force. 

Medical Case Management (MCM)

Our Medical Case Management program is designed to address the periodic and/or long-term needs of persons enrolled in MCM services. MCM assists in removing barriers to care and treatment, meeting survival needs, navigating HIV systems, and a vast number of other obstacles in the way of your health and wellness. Most importantly MCM opens a gateway to other services and resources available for persons living with HIV throughout the State of Minnesota.

Service activities include: care and treatment, medication adherence, immediate survival needs, which might include food, shelter, medical insurance, mental and chemical health, legal and benefits counseling, Rule 25 assessment, and emergency assistance. Some resources are available in-house, others are direct referrals to our community partners. Clients enrolled in MCM are also eligible for the 340B Pharmacy Program, and transportation.

340B Pharmacy Program

Client enrolled in MCM at AAATF are eligible for the 340B Pharmacy Program which allows clients to have their medication at a discounted rate and provides for home delivery of medications, and other pharmacy products at no cost (i.e. hygiene, self-care, nutrition and personal products) AAATF absorbs the cost of these items. Check with your case manager to see how you can enroll in this program.

Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation services provide for non-emergency transportation that enables an eligible client to access or be retained in core medical and support services. Core medical services include: medical case management, HIV care and treatment, mental health, support groups, benefits counseling, and more. AAATF provides transportation in the form of bus passes, and cab rides where utilizing public transportation is not an option. Persons eligible for transportation services are those enrolled in the AAATF MCM program or Ryan White eligible for transportation, but do not receive medical transportation from another HIV provider. 


BROTHERHOOD Men’s Monthly Support Group

The Brotherhood support group meets monthly at our office. Men living with HIV within this group give and gain support from one another.  Additionally, they participate in a number of activities around issues where they share a common experiences, and receive training and education around issues of interest to them.

Training and educational topics include, but are not limited to: living well with HIV, healthy relationships, domestic violence, nutrition, substance abuse, sexual health, PrEP, and more. The group is a sacred space where the men reaffirm their commitment to confidentiality and safety at each meeting.  To learn more about how you can participate contact Lyndsay at 612.825.2052.

Early Intervention Services (EIS) & HIV Testing

Most of our Early Interventions Services program and HIV Testing is conducted in the field where people live, work, congregate, socialize, and access programs related to mental and chemical health, such as re-entry programs, shelters, prisons, and halfway houses. EIS includes pre and post-test counseling, resources and referrals. EIS and HIV Testing for this program may be conducted at AAATF, primarily for partners and friends of persons who have tested positive for HIV. The intended population for this program are same gender loving/gay/bisexual African American and Latino men who reside in high-risk zip codes in South Minneapolis.

Health Education, Risk Reduction (HERR)


The HERR program is designed to educate clients with HIV about transmission and how to reduce its likelihood. It includes the provision of information; including information dissemination about medical and psycho-social support services and counseling to help clients with HIV improve their health. Most of these activities provide a wrap around services for other programs offered by AAATF.

Sistas Inspiring Sistas (sis)

The SIS program is for women living with HIV.  Its purpose is to provide support, training and education that empowers women to improve their lives and decrease risk factors. The program consists of traditional and non-traditional support groups that meet twice a week. Women receive both group and one-on-one support to create individual goals and plans. They participate in group training, education and support, while working with the program coordinator to advance their individual goals and plans. For more information about how you can participate, contact Rose at 612.825.2052.

Brothas Reaching OUT (BRO)

BRO is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) evidence-based community intervention that has been successfully implemented among various sub-groups throughout the county. Community is at the core of this intervention, which partners with peer advocates partner to deliver the interventions out in the community where members of the target population live, work, and socialize. The programs advisory committee consists of peer advocates, community leaders, HIV providers, and members of the target population, who are African American same gender loving/gay/bisexual men who are either at high risk of contracting HIV or are living with HIV, 18 years of age and older.


HIV Counseling, Testing, and Referrals (CTR)

AAATF uses HIV confirmatory testing. This type of testing includes the immediate disclosure of a positive test result. The benefit of providing confirmatory testing is that it allows for the fastest connection to the HIV care and treatment system. Staff are present to answer any questions or concerns the individual may have around their HIV status, and/or their more immediate needs and concerns. CTR is conducted in our office by appointment only and in the field as part of our Outreach and Early Intervention Services program.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is provided by AAATF leadership to cultural groups, organizations, faith-based institutions, partners and associations on topics specifically related to HIV which may include: HIV 101, HIV/AIDS program and service delivery, cultural competence, HIV training and education. 



AAATF Programs and Services are free to those who qualify.


Photo Credits: Alex Holyoake